Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pictures from our trip to Michigan

Joanna loved her smoothie with cool whip & sprinkles!
(She says she is our "Smoothie Girl!" )

She was willing to share with Mommy. : )
Carter eats almost anything and everything,
but black olives are definitely a favorite!
(Aunt Susie let him steal a few.)

Aunt Joanna & little Joanna

Uncle Bill was also visiting in Michigan, and he took
Joanna for a walk to see the horses down the road.

(Joanna said that Uncle Bill is big and Mommy is little!
That made Mommy feel good - considering she is
eight months pregnant and feels anything but little!)

Joanna & Emily
(Hanging around on Sunday afternoon.)

Carter & Uncle Bill

Rebekah & Carter (chewing on celery) Joanna : )

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A family of four... soon to be five!
Joanna had fun when Emily visited.
Joanna had to get her hair cut, because she
fell asleep at naptime with gum in her mouth
and woke up with gum in her hair! : )

We went to the Jr. & Sr. banquet at the Narnia Estate