Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lloyd participated in Family Fun Festival at Marquette.
Joanna would NOT throw a wet sponge at his face! : )

Joanna likes her new stripped tights from Grandma Estep.

Carter loves his books.

Joanna traced her own hand by herself!

Carter thinks he has a captive. : )

Joanna looks so cute when Daddy does her hair! : )

Joanna likes to make "trains" with all the shoes.


Burtt Family said...

Aww, thanks for posting more pictures! They're so cute!! I miss you all! Bethany, I didn't see any pictures of you. :-)

Aunt Joanna

shannon said...

Hello! I enjoy your pictures. Your kids are so cute. Isn't life fun? Is your new baby a girl or a boy? My mom told me, but I wanted to ask you.

Shannon Walker

Abz said...

Haha, someone takes after Aunt Jo:-) Luv all the pix!