Friday, May 2, 2008

Carter climbed up on the couch to relax. He likes to play in his toybox.
Joanna's room is beginning to turn pink.
(Her favorite color!) Joanna fell asleep with her doll and her cup
in case she got thirsty while she was sleeping. : )
Joanna took this picture (all by herself!)
to show that we will be having another baby.


Lynne said...

Bethany--You look good. How are you feeling?? We'll be praying for you!

I love the color of Joanna's room. I can't wait to paint our girls' room. (But, I'm going to be selfish and do our room first!)

I'm not sure if you've seen our blog. Here's the link:


burttfamily said...

Pink Room, New Baby and Wild Child!???what is going on over there in Chicago!?? Love the pictures and you all too! Gpa J

The Wilson 5 said...

congratulations, bethany! When are you due?