Friday, September 19, 2008

Aunt Tabitha made this little trash can for Joanna,
but Carter likes to use it as a hat! : )


burttfamily said...

the picture wont pop upon are compeuter but i can picture it as cute

Aunt Joanna said...

Lol ~ That's so cute! I love Joanna's laugh... she looks like me when I was little, running around with her purse. ;-) See you all soon!

Aunt Joanna

Burtt Family said...

So adorable! :) Can you post Joanna's song... I am craving to listen to it. ;-)

Love you,
Aunt Tabitha

Shannon Culver said...

That little girl running around carrying her purse reminds me of another little Joanna. Too funny.

burttfamily said...

what song was tabatha talking oubut i want to lisen to it ppppppppost

Elaine McDonnell said...

We were looking at your pictures/posts tonight and I realized that 'your' Nathan was born exactly one year after 'our' Nathan! (he will be 2 on July 1, 2009) We met some of your sisters when they came through Bourbonnais, Il one evening for church. We are the McDonnell's and your pictures brought back so many memories of when we had three little ones. I had to smile at your post that said, "It's not always that way." (sometimes from blog posts, you could get an idea that we have a 'perfect' family too, but it's not ALWAYS that way!) :-) too cute.
God bless you and your family.
So fun to see your little ones and you folks having Bible time with them and all. Praise the Lord.

Annette said...

Thank you, It was so sweet to hear Joanna bought a smile to face and to my heart! Thank you, I need that!

burttfamily said...

SO CUTE (can you post more videos of the kids