Monday, November 17, 2008

Carter was excited to find brownies cooling on the table! "Maybe I can just sneak one little marshmallow."
What goes around comes around...
Someone was trying to sneak a drink of Carter's water.
Carter didn't let that happen!

Joanna likes the new little dog.Carter loves to ride in Joanna's baby stroller.I could hear Nathan's voice echoing, and found that
Joanna had let him try on Carter's trash can hat!
Such a happy little guy! All snuggly and warm in his carseat.


Al Burtt Family said...

How cute! Did you guys get a dog? Or is it someone else's dog? We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving! :-)

shannon said...

Do you guys have a dog? What fun! I'm sure the kids love it.

Shannon Walker

Bethany Estep said...

The dog actually belongs to some friends of ours. They brought it over when they came for dinner one night. The kids loved it, and now Joanna wants to get a dog. I think we have our hands full enough with three kids!

Dan and Melissa Huizinga said...

And I almost thought you got a dog!! Oh well, maybe someday! :)