Saturday, February 21, 2009

Joanna wrote this all by herself. : )
She did this all by herself too!
We got him straightened out, and they were ready for the day.
(By the way, Joanna picked out her own socks.)
Here they are a little while later...


aunt joanna said...

Lol! Those pictures made me laugh... They're so cute!

Love ya!
Aunt Joanna

P.S. where's the picture of Joanna and her cute hair cut??

shannon said...

I love the picture of Carter with his pants on wrong. Naomi likes to get dressed herself and sometimes the result is funny. =)

joanna said...

Bethany, this is what I was laughing about earlier. I hope I copied and pasted right.

joanna said...

If you copy and paste that link it'll work. :-)

Shannon Culver said...

Hi Bethany,
Your kids are so cute. The blog is like an electronic version of the Funny Book your mom used to keep.

Annette said...

Your kids always have a way to make me laugh...even in pictures! Love the one of Carter with his pants on wrong!!!

Thank you again for the haircut! :)

6 Wilsons said...

I've seen the one-legged pants around here before! Hope you all are well.