Friday, December 18, 2009

Does anyone need help in your kitchen?
Just ask Joanna! She loves to work in the kitchen!
She made holiday pancakes with sprinkles,
and she even took this picture by herself. : )
They loved them and didn't even ask for syrup!
Nice & healthy! ; ) Oops - don't notice the skittles!
(A treat for waking up dry.) She also helped make pizza.

She was a big help with making
chocolate covered pretzels too!
She loves to get her picture taken. Hm-m-m...
She's following in the footsteps of some of her Aunts! ; )
By the way, Carter is a great help with cleaning up.
Please don't ask if he was eating them off the floor! ; )


Stacey said...

What great little helpers. Aleia also loves to help me in the kitchen but she gets bored waiting for things to get done....they both want to eat everything as it comes out.

What kind of chocolate did you use for your pretzels?

Bethany Estep said...

We used one bag of milk chocolate chips combined with half a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips. We also added three tablespoons of shortening to make it smooth and easy to work with. It was a fun! : )

Weadock Family said...

Eating off the floor helps your immune system, right ;)

The pretzels look great--maybe we'll have to try that this year.

6 Wilsons said...

Bethany - your babies are so adorable! So glad that you share your pics of them. It's fun watching them grow. I wanna see you grow! How are feeling? Hope you are well.

Annette said...

What fun memories!!! You are quite funny with your picture descriptions!!! Thanks for posting...your kids always make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are simply beautiful. It is so neat and a real blessing to see them. ;-)

-Beth (Meye) Fisher (formerly from AABC)

Anonymous said...

nice job joanna :)

burttfamily said...

NICE pictures Lloyd and Bethany! They are ALL welcome to come and help here Anytime!
Love ya Gpa John