Monday, July 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lloyd!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Pastor Estep! I thank the Lord for sending you to Marquette! You are a blessing and a challenge to all of us. Have an wonderful day!

Burtt Family said...

Happy Birthday Lloyd! Hope you have an awesome day! See you guys next week.

~ Your Favorite Sister-in-Law
Tabitha =)

Burtt Family said...

Hey Lloyd, I hope you have an awesome birthday!! Miss you all!

Your Most Favorite Sister- in -Law
Joanna ;-)

Brian said...

Great pics, Lloyd! How about explaining the first one and the one with the beard!!

L&B Estep Family said...

Bethany posted these pictures. The first one was from our missions trip to Saltillo, Mexico at the beginning of June. I was standing next to the trip leader (Kirk Briscoe) for a picture. Bethany cropped it so that he would not be in the picture. The one with the beard...bethany was playing around with the edit tools and added that to my face.