Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ready for church on Sunday.

Aunt Tabitha had fun taking pictures of
Joanna & Carter.


Julie said...

Those are incredibly adorable pictures! I love the ones of Joanna and Carter walking off together! Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are AWESOME! What beautifu kids and what great photographer. Marcy

Anonymous said...

What cute kids you have!! God has truly blessed you!

Anonymous said...

Cute post but howz about an update?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, an update would be very appropriate and appreciated. Please include summaries of the following:
1. How Bethany is doing with her new life as mother of three.
2. How Lloyd's ministry is going and what he's doing.
3. What each child is doing these days - what do they like? etc.

Wishing you all every blessing in Christ and looking forward to peeking again, ;-)
Beth Fisher

Dan and Melissa Huizinga said...

Wow, these pictures are amazing! :) So cute!!