Friday, June 12, 2009

Extreme Makeover! : )

Joanna would love a comment on
what you think of her new haircut! : )


Stacey said...


You look all grown up and beautiful, just like your Mama.

Valerie said...

I love your new haircut, Joanna! It looks so pretty and just like a "big girl" haircut. Your mommy sure does a good job with those scissors. :-)

~ Miss Valerie

Annette said...

You look prettier than a Princess..I think you need Miss Annette to come over an babysit you! :)

Shannon Culver said...

Absolutely beautiful, stunningly gorgeous, precious, cute and I wish I had one too!

Linda said...

I love it!!!!! I love it so much I'm gonna come see it or really you:) Love you guys!!!!!

Hannah said...

hi joanna i love your new haircut its so cute! i miss you so mouch i want to come up and see you all soon:) love ya!


Anonymous said...

Hi Joanna! I Love your haircut and the pictures! Tell your mom she did a Great Job! Enjoy the other pictures too! Love yall Grandpa John (:

Al Burtt Family said...

Wow, Joanna! You look like such a lady! Emily has the same dress - Aunt Rachel bought one for her too! You will have to match her sometime! :-)

Aunt Peggy said...

Oh, how sweet!! That's the best "extreme makeover" I've ever seen - what a precious face :)

Hugs @ kisses to you all,
Aunt Peggy (for us all)