Friday, July 17, 2009

Lloyd's birthday was on Tuesday, and
we spent most of the day at the zoo.

Nathan was not afraid of the goats at all.
When this one got in his face, he just slapped it away!

They loved watching the monkeys.
Nathan did great, but he couldn't quite make it
through the day without a little nap in the stroller.The penguins were Joanna's favorite.

When we got home, we realized we were
locked out of our house! (It was nobody's fault. ; )
Our neighbor let us borrow a ladder so Lloyd could break in.
A few minutes after we finally got in, two wonderful people showed up with the offer to babysit so we could go out to dinner, AND gave us money to pay for it! (Thanks Mom & Rachel!)
We took off before they changed their minds,
and went to Texas De Brazil. What a treat!

We finished up the day with cake and presents.
It was a bit of a challenge to blow out all 30 candles,
especially since some of them were trick candles. ; )
It was a long day, but a very fun day!


Shannon Culver said...

Hi Bethany, Thanks for the update! Happy (big 30) birthday to Lloyd. Looks like a fun day at the zoo and restaurant. Hope you had fun with everyone there. Your kids are SO CUTE!

6 Wilsons said...

Looks like you all had a great day. It's good to keep up with your blog and watch as your family grows. The babies get big too fast, don't they?

burttfamily said...

Hi Bethany and Lloyd!
Cute pictures and I must say Really cute kids! Love Yall
Gpa John & Gma Lynn (Of Course!)

Leah said...

You guys went to Texas de Brazil!!! My family loves that place :)
looks like you guys had bunches of fun :)